@fleeky that is amazing 🤩 love what you both are creating

@fleeky miss you and Ashes, looking forward to seeing you guys again soon and hearing more about the midnight sun. 🙂

Hey @fleeky I'm learning for to mix climb now, with ballet shoes with blades on them and ice axes on rock, it's so much fun and so badass feeling. I love it!

Got a chance to see my piece today that's been on tour across the country ever since it was in the Smithsonian's No Spectator's Show in Washington DC. This piece was such a bitter sweet collaboration, and the attention it received was part of why I stopped making my art...I know now I can't stop creating art. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share works so publicly and at the same time, want to go back to the purely creative process again.
Collaboration with Gia Gelareh designs.

In the process of moving to a new home, quitting a job, attending life changing ritual, and leaving for a new adventure ...all good things but needing tremendous energy.

Staying connected with the people that I care, about, make amazing art, and travel more. This year begins with a new home and a grand adventure in just a few weeks.

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