" I feel like you always get the last word!"
...but you always leave me on Read* ...

*Seen* is the new black

The art of conversation and debate are dyinnnggg.

This shoe (yes its a shoe) has a mini ball gag...
This reminds me of a mouth necklace I had.

Notice that none of the caricatures are black..ANYWAY
Everything is constantly changing all the time. OUR ISSUE is not lack of change but rather specific change. We ALL have to agree on wat the changewill be, a plan ofaction and agree to follow the plan. BUT:
We dont agree cuz
We talk but dont listen cuz
We might realize that no of us knows what we want cuz
We don't knowhy we are alive cuz the haunting uncertainty of death. From here we can only wonder in quiet.

That's why politics is funny

I remember .. I didnt get how how Salt & Pepper made baby Paprika; How everyone thouht Blue was a boy(cuz..blue).
But this random tweet decades later.. He apologized to his kid fanbase for "abandoning" them. He moved on with his life..A lifethat wouldn't be where it is today without his fans. Hiswork influencd my cognative development while my adoration ofthe show played a role inhis life. Yet we are strangrs. Most ofsociety doesnt seem to be onthe same page as Steve.

@fleeky You should make a city for inventions and experiments..and INVENT a flag and currency.

@fleeky @jiggidy Fun housing inspiration for you both. The Womb is like Fleekys "bedwomb" at Cayuga..

The freeze destroyed all my succulents. An oppossum ate my whole herb garden. The hurricane killed my bonsai collection. These are my new plants.

RT @pee_zombie
I have a specific Wikipedia page in mind, and invite you to guess what it is by posting a link to it; I'll reply with the distance between your guess and the right answer, ie, the degrees of separation. you can use this website to test your theories


"Without question, Barnum exploited the public. He understood that a cruel bit of human nature is always drawn to the unusual, the exotic, the thing that is different from 'us' ".

"Illusion is a public need, people want to be entertained and they don't care if the show is a hoax" - P.T. Barnum

I wonder if he were alive today, what his Instagram account would look like. 😯😏

My birthday is in three days and I am currently accepting celebration suggestions. I am also searching for 2 items. 1: An 18.5 cm RG ball (new or used) AND 2: an Original Bosu Ball, Blue, 26 inches. I have searched far and wide... for about 7 years...It is my GREAT WHITE BUFFALO. 🙏

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