The freeze destroyed all my succulents. An oppossum ate my whole herb garden. The hurricane killed my bonsai collection. These are my new plants.

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I have a specific Wikipedia page in mind, and invite you to guess what it is by posting a link to it; I'll reply with the distance between your guess and the right answer, ie, the degrees of separation. you can use this website to test your theories

"Without question, Barnum exploited the public. He understood that a cruel bit of human nature is always drawn to the unusual, the exotic, the thing that is different from 'us' ".

"Illusion is a public need, people want to be entertained and they don't care if the show is a hoax" - P.T. Barnum

I wonder if he were alive today, what his Instagram account would look like. 😯😏

My birthday is in three days and I am currently accepting celebration suggestions. I am also searching for 2 items. 1: An 18.5 cm RG ball (new or used) AND 2: an Original Bosu Ball, Blue, 26 inches. I have searched far and wide... for about 7 years...It is my GREAT WHITE BUFFALO. πŸ™

Last week I walked into this building for the first time in over 20 years and IT LOOKS & SMELLS EXACTLY THE SAME lmfao. Why does the 90's have a smell to it?
What does it smell like to you? @jiggidy @fleeky

So lately I have been noticing ..what sounds like sad harmonica playing early in the morning, before 6 am. It only lasts for about 15 sec. then its gone. I assumd someone was playing harmonica &kept running out ofbreath.Then I thought it was in my head or possiblyghost. But this morning I heard it & I saw a jogger passing by! It was my neighbor! They jog to sad harmonica music W/O headfones! WhyTF?! Its creepy music, its a creepy time, ppl are sleepin..Idk what to doπŸ˜“ Im thinkin ghost rumor..

Kevin: You only got this job because your daddy owns the company!

@fleeky yesterday I had a run in with 3 baby raccoons and 10 minutes later an adult opossum appeared! It growled at me and stomped its feet lol But I dont have pix πŸ˜‘

Yamahjaw 2 key with waterproof sheet music. Bench sold separately.

Also, this took me 80 minutes (not including the hunting and gathering of the rocks). The neighbors interrupted me 3 times trying to invite me to a party and I was like why cant they see that I'm trying to fucking focus. These rocks will not sort and stack themselves.

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